Athletic Club

The Association called the "Athletic Club" consisting of the members of the staff, all the students of the College with the Principal at its head as ex-officio President is constituted to develop and encourage a sense of athletic talent in them.

1. The Executive Committee, of the College Athletic Club is called College Athletic Club. It shall consist of :
(i) President : Principal (Ex-officio)
(ii) Vice-President and Associate: To be nominated by the Principal from among the teaching staff.
(iii) Secretary and Asst. Secretary : Either to be nominated by the Principal from among the students.
(iv) The Physical Training Instructor (P.E.T.)
(v) Captains of all organised games like Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Hockey and others as might exist in the College.

2. Tenure of Office : (a) The Council's tenure of office shall be for the session only.
(b) The Vice-President, the Secretary and the Asst. Secy. in absence of the Secretary continue to hold their office in the next session till the new ones assume their office.
(c) In case of both the Secretary and the Asst. Secretary of the previous session failing to join in the College in the next session, the Vice-President may carry on the work of the Secretary or may also appoint another Secretary till the new ones come.
(d) The Captain nominated in the previous session continues to be the Captain till a new one is nominated.
(e) If a former Captain and Vice-Captain nominated in the previous session fail to join the College in the beginning of the session, the Vice-President may nominate a Captain till the new ones come if he finds that the work cannot be managed without a Captain.
(f) In the absence of the Captain the Vice-Captain shall function as the Captain as per the instruction of the Vice-President.

3. Work and Power of the Council :
(a) To prepare the budget.
(b) General Management of the Club.
(c) Promotion of games and athletic among the students.

4. Work of the Vice-President :
(a) He will be in charge of the accounts and all correspondence in this connection including the ordering of goods.
(b) He will be the General Superintendent of games. He himself is the Chairman of the Sub-Committee consisting of P.E.T., Captain, Lecturer-in-charge of the games, the Secretary and the Asst. Secretary which will recommend the names for the award of College Blues.

5. Work of the Secretary :
(a) He will be the Convener of all General and Sub-Committee meetings.
(b) He will prepare and read-out the Annual Report in the Annual Prize Giving Function of the Council.
(c) He will conduct all correspondences assigned to him by the Vice-President.
(d) He will organise the College games with the assistance of the Captain and Vice-Captain of respective games,
(e) In the absence of the Secretary, the Asst. Secretary will do his work.

6. Work of the Captain :
(a) They will select players for friendly and competitive matches.
(b) They will be in charge of grounds set apart for the games in their charge.
(c) With the Secretary, they will be responsible for the organization of the College games.
(d) Neither the Secretary nor the Captain should conduct any match unless they have obtained the approval of the Vice-President.

7. Work of the P.E.T. :
The P.E.T. shall perform the following works under the direct supervision of the Vice-President.
(a) The P.E.T. will remain in charge of the stores.
(b) He will maintain all the official records and various registers such as invoice registers, issue register, subsidiary cash book, guard files for the Vouchers, stock register.
(c) He is to look after the play ground.
(d) He is to give proper training and to look after Programme of Physical Education.
(e) He will make necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of sports any games activities as the Vice-President assigns to him.

8. The Principal is the final authority of the Club and his decision in any matter relating to it will be final. He has the veto to make a new rule or amend any old one, if he thinks it fit in the interest of the Association.