College Rules

Academic Session :

The academic session of the College is started from 1st. June to 31st May of the year . The 31st May which is an end of an academic session is followed by summer vacation.

Admission :

Admission to different classes through e-admission begins generally at the commencement of the academic session and continues till the last date fixed for such admission. Usually it begins after the publication of the results of C.H.S.E & continues till the last date fixed by deptt. of HE. The students seeking admission to different classes should apply in the prescribed form available in the SAMS website within stipulated time with all the documents required for the purpose.Names of selected candidates are published in the Govt. website of the Department of Higher Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar as well as in the college notice-board. They take admission at the SAMS Resource Centre in Baripada Degree College, Baripada-2 on the admission dates mentioned in their intimation letter, otherwise their claim for admission will be forfeited.

Undertaking :

Before a student is admitted to the College, he /she and his / her guardian, if he / she is a minor i.e. below 18 years of age, should sign an undertaking in proper form to the effect that the student shall abide by the rules of the College.

Bicycles :

Bicycles and Vehicles should be kept padlocked in the proper place meant for the purpose. In no case these should be put on the College verandas / prohibited area / unsafe place.

Identity Cards :

A bonafide student is issued an identity card. A student is required to carry his/her identity card always with him/her and to produce it at any time on demand in the college. In case the Identity Card is lost, it should immediately be reported to the Principal and on submission of necessary fees, a duplicate one will be issued .

Attendance :

A student is required to attend minimum 75 % attendance of the total lectures delivered on individual subjects in the theory, practical and tutorial classes. Otherwise he / she will be debarred from promotion and appearing at the midterm & end-term semester examination. A student attending above 60 % and falling below 75 % may produce Medical Certificate from the competent authority.

Notice :

It is desirable for every student to see college notice board regularly ,to know about various information like commencement of classes, collection of dues, the commencement of examinations, and all other important academic information. Tainting and snatching notice from the notice board is an offence which is punishable.

Collection of Fees and Fines :

Fees are collected on every month and the dates for collection for respective classes are notified. If they fail to give the fees on mentioned date they may give it on the last date of the month with a fine of Rs. 10/-. If he / she fails to give the fees for two consecutive months, his/her name will be struck off the college register . Besides the tuition fees, all the fines, examination fees admission & re-admission fee and all other fees if any, are collected in the Collection Counter.

Issue of C.L.C., T.C. and Conduct Certificate :

A student can be issued C.L.C. / T.C / Conduct certificate . at any time he / she wishes to take within or after his/her studentship. For that he/she has to apply with the requisite fees stating the reason to the Principal clearing all his / her dues and with all clearances from Library and Laboratories. Submitting it he/she will be issued C.L.C., T.C. or Conduct Certificates. A student can only be issued Continuing Certificate if he/she desires it within his/her studentship.

Progress Report :

Since it is desirable to apprise a guardian of the information of his ward regarding academic performances, marks of different examinations, attendance in classes and other matters, Progress Reports are sent at the end of each examination to the guardians clearly displaying these information.

Financial Aids to Students :

There are two types of financial aids given to students of the College. These are the different types of Scholarships and stipends sanctioned by the Govt. from time to time and the financial aids given by the College itself. The different forms of financial help given by the Govt. in the form of scholarships and stipends to eligible students are -:

1. Govt. of India Merit Scholarship

2. Fakirmohan Bhasha Bruti for ODIA Hons Students

3. National scholarship (Medhabruti)

4. Gopabandhu Sikshya sahayata Yojana

5. Stipend for physically handicapped students.

6. P.M Scholarship for S.C., S.T and O.B.C students.

The detailed notice is given about it by the College in regard to the date of application, eligibility. The students are advised to further enquire or contact the concerned Officer- in-charge and account section of the College for better information. In addition to these, there are two types of financial aids given to the students by the College namely :

(i) Free Studentship and

(ii) Financial Aid from Social Service Guild.

Free Studentships :

Free studentships is usually given to 3 students of each department on the basis of total number of admitted students, either in the form of exemption from payment of full fees known as full free or half tuition fees known as half-free. The Principal invites applications from students on a prescribed format available in the College Office, usually in the month of August. Applicants may be required to appear for an interview for the purpose. Merit and financial condition are the criteria for the award of free studentship.


Monetary helps are given also from the Social Service Guild. The guild invites applications from students in prescribed form to be had from the College Office. Applicants may also be required to appear at an interview for the purpose. Poverty and merit are also taken into consideration in making these awards.

Other Rules and General Rules of Discipline :

The following are some of the other rules of discipline to be maintained by the students strictly.

I. Students are expected to behave themselves properly and with good manners so as not to tarnish the image of the Institution.

II. As building the character is the be all and end all of education, they should be compassionate.

III. Since a student comes to College to acquire knowledge, his / her main pursuit should be academic. Besides he / she should give equal importance on other cultural and athletic activities like art, drama, music, games and sports for the manifestation of his/her talents.

IV. A student should develop a sense of belongingness with regular attendance, maintaining discipline in the college, and use of leisure hours in a productive way .

V. A sence of common brotherhood spirit should be maintained by the student and proper reverence to teaching & non-teaching staff.

VI. Resorting to any type of violence is strictly prohibited. Students should not enter directly to the active politics. Their attitude to college politics should be scholarly, positive, constructive in the form of lectures and thoughtful addresses.

VII. Groupism, gangsterism, hooliganism, communalism is strictly prohibited in the College.

VIII. A student should in no way make bully of others. Any type of teasing to the youngsters is strictly forbidden and punishable .

IX. All students should come to college with proper uniform.

X. They must maintain utmost silence in sensitive places like Reading Rooms, Library, Class Rooms and Laboratories.

XI. They must not loiter on the Verandas when the class is going on.

XII. Any student found continually interrupting in teaching and making wilful disturbance will be subject to strict disciplinary action.

XIII. They must not spit and write on the floor, walls, pillars and doors of the college.

XIV. They must not scribble, paste placards, poster and disfigure the College walls in any way.

XV. They must not tamper and mishandle fans and electric switches and other articles or furniture of the College.

XVI. Use of tobacco / tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

XVII. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

Breach of Discipline:

Violating the rules in any form is considered as a breach of discipline. Breach of discipline of any student is punishable even to the extent of expulsion and rustication from the College on the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee duly constituted by the Principal.