Dramatic Society

The dramatic society is formed to encourage, inculcate and cultivate a sense of dramatic art and to promote cultural activities like dance and music. For different theoretical performances like one act play, full play, variety shows, different cultural recreations, caricatures or any other means incidental or conducive to this at least once a year as the Society may decide from time to time. The aim of the society is also to administer the funds that may be available for the achievement of the aims and ideals of the Society.

1. All students of the College are members of the Society.

2. For the working of the Society in all matters. relating o it, there has to be a Committee of management.

3. The Committee shall consist of the following members :
(i) President: Principal (Ex-officio)
(ii) Vice President and Associate: To be nominated by the Principal from among the Teaching Staff.
(iii) Secretary and Asst. Secretary: To be elected or selected by the students.

4. After the formation of the Society each year, there shall be a meeting of the members of the Dramatic Society.

5. The committee of Management shall perform the following duties :
(i) Decide the drama to be staged and fix the time/date of performances. The decision shall be subject to Principal's approval.
(ii) Prepare and pass the budget of the year.
(iii) Have the expenditure audited in connection with the drama within a certain period after its staging.
(iv) Transactor sanctions expenditure for the purchase of property and its maintenance relating to the society.
(v) Meeting from time to time and decide all other matters relating to society.

6. The Secretary on consultation with the Vice-President shall convene meeting and keep the minutes of all the meetings. He will also maintain all the accounts of the expenditure under the discretion of the President.

7. The Asst. Secretary shall assist the Secretary in all the matter and in his absence shall act as the Secretary.

8. The Principal reserves the right to alter, amend or abrogate any of the rules mentioned above relating to the Society. He is the final authority in all the matters relating to it.