Financial Aids to Students :
There are two types of financial aids given to students of the College. These are the different types of Scholarships and stipends sanctioned by the Govt. from time to time and the financial aids given by the College itself. The different forms of financial help given by the Govt. in the form of scholarships and stipends to eligible students are -:
1. Govt. of India Merit Scholarship
2. Fakirmohan Bhasha Bruti for ODIA Hons Students
3. National scholarship (Medhabruti)
4. Gopabandhu Sikshya sahayata Yojana
5. Stipend for physically handicapped students.
6. P.M Scholarship for S.C., S.T and O.B.C students.
The detailed notice is given about it by the College in regard to the date of application, eligibility. The students are advised to further enquire or contact the concerned Officer­ in-charge and account section of the College for better information. In addition to these, there are two types of financial aids given to the students by the College namely :
(i) Free Studentship and
(ii) Financial Aid from Social Service Guild.

Free Studentships :
Free studentships is usually given to 3 students of each department on the basis of total number of admitted students, either in the form of exemption from payment of full fees known as full free or half tuition fees known as half-free. The Principal invites applications from students on a prescribed format available in the College Office, usually in the month of August.

Applicants may be required to appear for an interview for the purpose. Merit and financial condition are the criteria for the award of free studentship.